Bouquet Chameleon
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Bouquet Chameleon

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The delivery of flowers was 28 May. so with the right attitude, the bouquet will stay fresh in the techen 9 days. If it fades in 3 days, we will replace for free.


Some seasonal plants may not be in this bouquet. At no extra cost will pick up similar ones.

Height: 50 см. Bouquet size: Height 50 cm. Width: 20 cm. Whether it causes an allergy: on family of pinkcoloured Flower history: A rose — the collective name of types and grades of representatives of the sort Dogrose (Latin Rosa), grown up by the person. The most part of grades of roses is received as a result of long selection by repeated repeated crossings and selection. Some grades are forms of wild-growing types. As will long stay flowers: in case of the correct leaving of 7-12 days Conditions on leaving: to cut off on slanting a corner stalks at distance of 5 mm from edge, to deliver in cold flowing water, in the cool room, avoiding drafts
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