Bouquet of 51 pink Dutch roses
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Bouquet of 51 pink Dutch roses

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The delivery of flowers was 28 May. so with the right attitude, the bouquet will stay fresh in the techen 14 days. If it fades in 3 days, we will replace for free.


Some seasonal plants may not be in this bouquet. At no extra cost will pick up similar ones.

Bouquet that consists of 51 roses of gentle pink color, can be presented both with an occasion, and without him. Such bouquet is capable to impress the girl with the charm and elegance. It is necessary to get the smart bouquet consisting of 51 pink roses not verbally to tell about sympathy for this or that darling. Pink roses will allow to tell of tender feelings and of respect. Refinement of these flowers can be associated only with female beauty. Having presented a bouquet of 51 pink roses, you will throw the girl compliments which will instantly fascinate and will present her optimistical mood. This bouquet is an unforgettable surprise for charming ladies.
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