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Why should you order flowers delivery in Shalkar by

Want to buy flowers in Shalkar? Our store offers you the freshest flowers, which we bring from Holland, Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia. Flowers are sold around the clock and on any day of the week.

We offer you fast and high quality delivery and any payment method. In case of our lateness and other unforeseen circumstances, we have a system of discounts for our customers.

For what time you can arrange flowers delivery?

You can order flowers delivery in Shalkar twenty-four-hour a day. Making an order in our online store, you specify the date and time of delivery, and we will bring it at the appointed time. Flowers delivery in Shalkar is made at such periods: 12:00-13:00, 13:00-14:00, etc.) Also you can order delivery, which the courier will deliver during a day.

How delivery of flowers in Shalkar?

Our store offers courier delivery. Our punctual and responsible couriers can deliver flowers to any place in Shalkar. Flowers can be ordered for your home, work, hotel, closed facilities (military facilities, etc.). Also you can make an order by calling the recipient, in this case, the courier himself will contact the recipient to find out the most convenient time for him delivery.

How long does flower delivery in Shalkar take?

Average time of flowers delivery in Shalkar is 3 hours. Delivery time depends on the size of the bouquet and the distance to the recipient. Exact delivery time you can check with our manager.

If you order flowers online, you can specify the exact time of delivery, and we will bring your bouquet in a specified time.

Our store has an urgent delivery service that works for certain bouquets in the section "Urgent".

What is the cost of flowers delivery in Shalkar?

Prices for delivery in Shalkar: from 1500 tenge depending on time and distance to the recipient. 

Cost of delivery in remote areas and outside of Shalkar you can check with our manager.

The total price you can see in the description of the bouquet and order card.

Also we have free delivery for some bouquets that are already assembled. You can see them on our site in the section "Online shop window".

Is it possible to send flowers bouquet anonymously?

Yes, you can make delivery as a surprise for the adressee. In this case you must put a tick in the box "Anonymously".

When ordering, you need to specify the exact address and time of delivery, and we will not call the adressee, so as not to spoil the surprise.

You can also add a free postcard with a personalized signature to your bouquet.

How do I know that the reciever has picked up his bouquet?

When courier gives bouquet to recipient, he will take his photo with bouquet (with recipient's permission) and send it to you. You will make sure that flowers have reached the addressee and get a memorable photo of the pleasant moment.

Do you guarantee the freshness of flowers?

We are not just a flower store, we are a professional team of florists in Kazakhstan. While picking your bouquet, a florist inspects each flower to make sure your bouquet is fresh and looks perfect.

We receive fresh flowers three times a week and store them with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We offer a three-day flower freshness guarantee. If the flowers wilt sooner, we will replace your bouquet for free.

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20400 ₸
Bouquet of 15 orange roses
Delivery flowers to Shalkar ~ 2 h
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Bright day
Delivery flowers to Shalkar ~ 2 h
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Orange paradise
Delivery flowers to Shalkar ~ 2 h
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171700 ₸
Bouquet 101 pink holland roses
Delivery flowers to Shalkar ~ 2 h
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Bouquet of 21 red and white roses mixed
Delivery flowers to Shalkar ~ 2 h
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