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Payment Terms flowers

Order flowers over the Internet?
Thanks to the Internet, you can order flowers for yourself or to please loved ones without leaving your home or office.
Payment by card
Payment by card comes with a redirect to the payment gateway of the bank, "Kazkommertsbank", via the payment gateway of Internet acquiring «Epay KKB»
If you pay order entered card number, name, expiration date and the three digit code (CVV2 or CVC2) on the reverse side of the card.
According to the features of payment of your card on the Internet, the reasons for refusal to pay, please contact primarily support service of your bank. You are free to find the phone number of the bank support on your credit card.
Qiwi wallet
qiwi +77015211545, list of terminals and how to fill
Yandex money
410011469059105 nomber Yandex money or link
You can pay at the time of ordering or directly at
Western Union
receiver name Chingis Alekenov, City Astana, Kazakhstan country
Cash to the courier
Flowers can be paid in cash to the courier upon receipt
Payment in the cabin
You can pay in cash our stores
Cashless payments
Payment is available for legal entities
ИП ""
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Dostyk 5, EP 47
IIN / BIN 891 027 350 515
IIC: KZ6292615017T9352005
JSC "Kazkommertsbank" fl Astana BIC KZKOKZKX
Payment on the map
Kazkom 4003 0327 6502 0559, IIN 891027350515