- Inside the city from 9:00 to 23:00: free
- From 6:00 to 9:00 and after 23:00: Paid (only for pre-ordered orders)
- To remote areas or outside the city: check by mail
Delivery period
Depends on the size of the bouquet and the distance to the recipient. Average delivery time is 3 hours. Specify the exact information by mail
By recipient's call
We call the recipient before delivery and specify the time and address. At registration check the box “Check with the recipient”.
We will hand over the order to the recipient personally. If it is not there, we will try to leave it at neighbors.
To work or to a hotel
We deliver to the reception. Do not forget to indicate the number of the room or study in which he lives or the recipient works, as well as the phone number to inform him about the delivered gift.
To closed objects
We deliver to oil fields, mines and military establishments to checkpoints.
No call at the specified time
If you specified the exact delivery range in the checkout, we will not call to the recipient so as not to spoil the surprise.
The recipient is not present
The courier will wait 15 minutes. If the recipient does not accept the gift on time, we we will specify the date and time of re-delivery. Re-delivery is paid.
If the recipient is not there at the specified time, the courier will wait 15 minutes to deliver a gift personally in hand. Re-delivery is paid. If the gift is delivered to the office and the recipient has departed, we will leave the flowers with colleagues.
Errors in address or contacts
If the address or contacts of the recipient are incorrect or incomplete, we will contact the customer and clarify the data.

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