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Frequently asked questions about flower delivery in Talgar

Is it worth ordering flowers delivery in Talgar in

Of course, if you want to buy flowers in Talgar with delivery ー you are in good hands. Flower store gives you the opportunity to order luxury bouquets of fresh flowers in Talgar with our online catalog. Competent consultants answer all your questions and quickly accept your order, and couriers will quickly deliver flowers to Cherkassy and around the city.

The desire to give a luxurious bouquet can occur at any time of day, so we offer around-the-clock sale and courier delivery of flowers in Talgar. Just choose the perfect bouquet in our catalog and entrust the entire arrangement to us.

What time can I order bouquet delivery in Talgar?

We are happy to offer you a round-the-clock flower delivery service in Talgar. You can order flowers delivery in any convenient way through our online store by specifying date and time of delivery. We guarantee timely execution of your order and delivery on time. If you don't know if the recipient at the time of delivery, specify "Ask the recipient" and our courier will find out when to bring flowers in Tashkent.

How is the delivery of flowers in Talgar performed?

We deliver flowers to Talgar with the help of our couriers. Our delivery allows you to deliver flowers to any part of the city and beyond its borders: to a house, restaurant, hotel, military installations, etc. 

Courier delivery is made 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can please your loved ones always.

How long will it take to deliver flowers in Talgar?

The average time of flower delivery to Talgar is 3 hours, but the exact delivery time can vary depending on the size of the bouquet and the distance to the recipient. If you want to specify the exact time of delivery, our managers are always ready to help you with this question.

If you need an urgent delivery, we have a special section "Urgent", where you can choose bouquets that we will deliver faster than usual.

What is the cost of flowers delivery in Talgar?

Price of delivery within the city starts from 1500 tg and depends on the distance to the recipient and the time when you want to get your order. If you need delivery to remote areas or outside of Talgar, our managers can help you clarify the total cost.

You can check the bouquet description and information in the order ticket to see the total cost of delivery. We also offer free shipping for some ready-made bouquets, which you can find in our online storefront.

Do you have anonymous flower delivery in Talgar?

If you want to leave the recipient in the dark who sent the bouquet of flowers, we can arrange for you anonymous flower delivery. To do this, you must tick the box "Anonymously" when ordering.

When you make such an order, we will not call the recipient, so as not to ruin the surprise. You only need to specify the exact address and time of delivery, and we will do everything else for you.

In addition, you can add a free postcard to the bouquet with an individual signature to make your gift even more memorable and unique.

How do I know that the flowers have arrived to the addressee?

We offer an opportunity to track the status of your order with the help of a tracking number, which you will receive after ordering. You will always know at what stage flowers delivery is.

In addition, our courier delivering a bouquet can take a photo of the recipient with a bouquet and send it to you.

Will flowers be fresh?

We are a team of professional florists in Kazakhstan. We receive fresh flowers three times a week, and use modern technology and equipment to keep them fresh. We guarantee the freshness of our flowers for three days after delivery. If for any reason the flowers wilt sooner, we will change the bouquet for free.

We pay attention to details to make every flower look perfect and each bouquet is special and unique.